Continuing Education Group is a multimedia online learning environment built with the demanding schedules and needs of 21st century insurance professionals in mind. Each individual course merits substantial continuing education credits, and leads to professional designations awarded by the renowned Insurance Institute of America.

Incorporating the Best of Both Worlds of instruction, CEG provides the familiarity and support of traditional, personal instructor-led class sessions via weekly meetings with the freedom and accessibility of asynchronous online components.

The learned and concerted efforts of the founders have developed an online environment that takes the traditional classroom learning to the next level through:

  • Convenience — Online learning knows no time zones, and location is not an issue. The courses blend the best of once/week instructor-led classes with innovative asynchronous course components.
  • Rapid Response & Feedback — Office hours are round-the-clock for all of the CEG courses. With just a click, you can send questions and requests to instructors or course designers, and have a reply in no more than 12 hours.
  • Focus is on the Student — Interactivity is enhanced through the blend of traditional instruction and Internet technology. Forums, assignments, and frequent quizzes assure the participants’ consistent and efficient progress through the course material. You can always count on continuous help from experts in the field as your instructor dialogues with and mentors you.
  • Small Group — Class sizes are limited to 15 students. All course participants progress through individual courses together and participate in online discussions and other learning activities. The varying backgrounds of course participants bring tremendous value to the learning experience.
  • Networking — Through close interaction with faculty and fellow students, you will develop close relationships, creating a considerable network of professional contacts. You will have an opportunity to build long-lasting personal and professional relationships.

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